Firstly a consultant will visit you to gain a real understanding of your business from a face to face briefing 
We will then source from a vast pool of interviewed and tested candidates 
Once we have sourced a potential list of suitable candidates, we will select the right person for your business, matching their competencies to the role as well as ensuring the right culture fit 
The candidate will then be presented to you for interview, where they will be fully prepared about the job, company and person spec. 
Wild ensures an accurate match on skills, experience and culture fit, this gives you choice and saves you time and money! 
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On-site account management 
Master vendor & preferred supply 
Salary surveys 
Joint assessment days 
Management cost reports 
Wild at Work Program 
To find out more call Michelle on 02392 851111 or email mstewart@wildrecruitment.co.uk 
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